Ashok Hall Girls' Residential School believes that co-curricular activities are at par with education for a student’s all-round development. These co-curricular activities help in infusing multiple facets such as creativity, adaptability, self-dependence, enthusiasm and positive thinking into a student’s personality. The school constantly strives to make the students’ stay at the school appealing by engrossing them into various interesting activities, besides academics. Students are encouraged to participate into various indoor and outdoor games, which not only help them to stay fit and energetic but also inculcate in them the spirit of healthy competition. Well-conceived club activities like dance, drama, music, aerobics, debate, article-writing for school magazine, and many more are conducted on regular basis to help in providing the students with awareness for socialization, self-identification and self-assessment. The school also conducts excursions and picnics to help the students develop recreational, social and disciplinary values. All these activities help in shaping the overall personality of the students.


Daily Schedule

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1. Monday to Friday
2. Saturday & Sunday


Each Class has an excursion of 5-6 days during the first Term. Excursions include such places as Shimla, Goa, Varanasi, Jaipur, Agra, Delhi, Kolkata and Chandigarth.


Students take part in varied social activities collaborat- ing with students from local village schools and have been a part of Govt. relief work in outlying villages.



Games, sports, dramatics, dance and other activities form a crucial part of the curriculum generating team spirit among students.


Club Activities

The Clubs are many and varied. To some extent they are dictated by the interests and special expertise of the Teachers and students on Saturdays and Sundays.

Award programme

This includes the IAYP programme in which students learn new skills and hobbies. In addition, overall development of leadership is a focus.

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