Every once in a while human race faces challenges that test its authority as the dominant race in the planet. Covid-19 has been no different. Faced with an unseen and unheard enemy, it brought the human world together at their resilient best in every aspect of life.
Primarily, the education system went through a transformation from classroom to virtual platform. Having enrolled as a business student in Ashok Hall Girls’ Residential School, the joy of hostel life could not last longer than a couple of months. I was not even well socialized in my new environment when I had to carry my backpack back to home. Back there, I was fortunate enough to participate in various ECAs and CCAs which now is just a beautiful part of my memory.
I have seen trees growing out of cracks in the rocks. Similar is the case when it comes to the process of learning. The teaching and learning activities never seem to halt. Distant learning through Google Meet has made it possible to acquire invaluable knowledge imparted by our esteemed teachers.
Things are getting better every day with the second dose of vaccine and fingers are crossed for a new normal world where we would learn to live boundary-less. Once the COVID curve is flat, I hope to hop back to school and bring back memories I long for.

-Vaishnavi Goyenka XII


Not just being a name to my education center, but it’s a “mini-max” part of my life. Not just 4 years, starting from class 9 and ending up to class 12; it’s a life-span in itself. The ‘must-say’ part is that this institution has transformed my views about schooling. The myth I carried earlier with me has, kind of ‘regenerated’, for example:
Being studious to being intellectual
Being braggart to being savant
Being reticent to being garrulous etc.
People who met me before joining AHGRS, thought me being conservative, introvert and such other stuffs, but, after these illuminating years spent here in AHGRS, people now have accepted me as a powerful, responsible and administrative person who can brighten up her future. THIS is what I am going to carry with me whole life and it is a wonderful gift from each and every pillar of ASHOK HALL.

[Garima Singh, XII]


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