[Shubhangi Kandpal, X]

The Annual Day, each year, is celebrated with love and grandeur, all for our Alma Mater. Although this year, the hanging doubt of whether we would be able to relive those moments or not, sure made us upset. However, the silver lining came in the form of virtual celebration. The students, teachers and staff members, thus, stood up together to perform and make the first ever virtual annual day celebration, a memorable one.

The theme for the 27th Annual Day was ‘The Myriad Hues’. The event was attended by our respected Chairperson Madam Manjushree Khaitan, Vice President of Ashok Hall Group of Schools, Mrs. S.P. Patjoshi, Principals of Ashok Hall Group of Schools and parents.

The presentation started with a welcoming Bharatnatyam dance dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The diligence and purity of the dance did not fail to attract all eyes! ‘Gems of Ashok Hall’, showcased various talents embedded in the students in the form of songs, humorous poems and presentation of splendour personalities in their respective attires. To remember and appreciate the diversity of our country, a fashion show was organised. With beautiful surroundings, with traditional clothes of various cultures and with bright smiles on their faces, the girls made sure to present an endearing sight for the spectators.

This was followed by Western dance which made the on-lookers groove on the beats of the music and also taught them self-love. ‘Views and Hues’, a creative presentation, showcased various art sketches, craft materials and photographs clicked by the Hallites during the pandemic. To make the Annual Day more fun and exciting, the teachers as well as the staff members sang heart-warming songs and also shot videos in the beautiful areas of our school that were decorated for the celebration!

The closure to this Annual Day Celebration was something that will stay in our hearts forever. Students who had studied in Ashok Hall, now happy and proud of who they are, sent inspiring messages of their journeys and words of thanks and appreciation for the teachers and staff. The ‘Transition’, a slide show, made us all dewy-eyed with a comparison of pictures of the school from years ago and of the present. It was a prodigious pleasure to see the journey of our school where so many hearts connected and they continue to do so!

[Dhatri Gupta, XII]

Celebrations and festivities are an integral part of every hallite. March is the month of joy and happiness of limitless colours. This year the festival of Holi was celebrated on 29 March. But due to the ongoing pandemic the celebrations were a bit different. Keeping in mind the COVID-19 guidelines, playing with colours was not allowed but Hallites left no stones unturned to make the day a memorable one. In the morning after breakfast at 10:30 am students and teachers were engrossed in the fun-filled game of Tambola until the lunch time. The evening was decorated with lively cultural dance performances by the dancers of Ashok Hall. The event was followed by a DJ where Hallites dance to their hearts’ content. The mouth-watering feast added delicious flavour to the celebration. Tasty ‘gujhiya’ and ‘thandai’ were among the best delicacies.


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