Greetings from AHGRS, Majkhali!
Here at Ashok Hall Girls’ Residential School, Majkhali a premier girls’ residential school, children live and learn in the lap of nature, in the “abode of the Gods”, imbibe the ancient traditional core values, as well as learn to become global leaders. The girls strive to achieve the peak of their calibre in these beautiful surroundings, deep in the pine-clad forested Himalayas. The students are encouraged to achieve their full potential spiritually, academically, emotionally and creatively, not only to excel in academics and co- curricular activities, but to become compassionate people who will carry forward the values of integrity, responsibility, respect and resilience into the world. ‘Ko te tamaiti te putake o te kaupapa’ – ‘The Child - the Heart of the Matter’- as the Maori saying goes, so through the heart of education the students ‘will lead from Darkness to Light.’ They will become influential leaders who will change society by paving the path.

I believe, that, today we are part of the most exciting and promising milestones of time, where advance in technology, information and globalization has thrown open the windows of opportunity for progress and prosperity for all worldwide.

Taking advantage of this progressive development, armed with knowledge and multiple skills many young women have confidently chartered, carved and created new pathways for themselves in the world today, many of them our past students.
In this exciting 21st century, our students will be exposed to the journey of holistic education which will prepare them to be articulate, confident, and independent leaders. This will help them become pioneers, change managers, problem-solvers in the process of learning - not by mere books and rote learning, but through experiential hands-on learning. They will face challenging experiences that will bring new horizons of learning into their lives as they learn the ability to grasp and understand all the issues and changes of life. So every Hallite will grow and excel as a person who leaves behind a positive footprint and impact in their community and society.
We have a highly dedicated and experienced residential faculty who create a dynamic and vibrant learning environment as they go out of their way to nurture, mentor and care for each and every individual child. They not only become a caring and compassionate individual that excels in academics, but who commits to changing the world through the spirit of enquiry, passion for learning and become good global citizens. We hope you will visit our website as it will give you a deeper insight into Ashok Hall Girls’ Residential School, Majkhali as it is a wonderful dynamic place to learn, grow, play. Come visit our campus and see where your children can aspire to achieve their dreams with greater purpose, skill, autonomy and mastery!

With warm regards,
Mr.Hemant Kumar Rai
Ashok Hall Girls’ Residential School,


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